VAICA festival for Video Art by Indian Contemporary Artists was initiated in 2019 by visual artist Bharati Kapadia and film maker Chandita Mukherjee. The festival was conceived to create a public platform to showcase videos made by contemporary Indian artists. In the absence of a publicly accessible archive of video art by Indian artists, it becomes difficult to know how video is being used as a medium of artistic expression within the Indian context. The intention behind creating VAICA therefore, was to create a space where artists, art and media students, cultural practitioners and those interested could view, discuss, debate and thus further the interest and exploration of this medium. 

Unlike other forms of moving image, video art consciously challenges the conventional modes of expression while experimenting free-mixing of different media within the space of the screen. Sixty-seven video works by thirty-five Indian artists were screened in the first edition of VIACA festival which premiered in Mumbai and subsequently travelled to other cities in India. The enthusiastic response that the festival received from diverse audiences has inspired its second edition.

VAICA 2 is planned as an online festival and shall comprise of 4 weekly sessions over a month. It will show videos made not only by visual artists but also by those engaged with video making in innovative ways.  It is planned as an online festival and shall comprise of 4 weekly sessions over a month.  During each week, audiences will be able to view the curated set of videos in any order they like through the VAICA web-portal. Each session shall conclude with a public discussion featuring one or more of the artists in conversation with a cultural critic or commentator, conducted along with the co-curators.

The detailed schedule for the programme shall be announced shortly.

image courtesy: Bharati Kapadia